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July 20, 2011
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Cerise ran up to the stage, breathless in front of the camera. "H-hi! I wasn't expecting to do another one, but Red insisted. Welcome to Character Development 101; this time, we're talking about Limits. What sort of limits you may ask? Well, in any universe, canon or not, there are certain things your characters can and cannot do. For example, if your character is dead in a Harry Potter universe, do not bother bringing them to life because they must stay fraking dead!"

"And this isn't the only form of limits, but we're going to try using Tommy from last time, along with Mimi, our disgustingly cute Mary-Sue," she added, pulling the two characters up. "First up, we're going to discuss powers. Why powers? Well, most fanfics that Red participates in some form are usually the ones with powers or magic involved. Why? Because who wouldn't want a bloody power?"

"Anyways, let's say we want to use Tommy as a new X-men student," Cerise said. "Now, what sort of power, could we go with? Let's make him…an…animal talker? Not sure what they're called, but that's basically what we're giving him."

"It's not much, sure, but he could receive something later in the series if we let him survive that long. Anyways, you also have to follow a few these rules when it comes to limits, whether you use powers or not for your character:

1. Make sure that they follow the rules of the universe. If there's no power AT ALL, then don't make your character have it. Unless they're an alien or you plan on making them the first superhero of that world. If you plan on doing the latter…just DON'T. It's not cool if you have powers and no one else in that existing universe does. Now if you're doing it for your own story…I guess that's alright, but if you do it in a universe that has no super-powered human, at least make it so that this is a fairly new and recent thing.

2. If you do have a universe with powers and they recently discovered them, do NOT make them all-knowing on how to it on their first try. Everyone needs practice, everyone has no complete control over their abilities, unless you're freaking Hermonie from Harry Potter. She was a magical genius and that's all there is to it.

3. I've said this once and I'll say it again: FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE UNIVERSE YOU PLACE THE CHARACTERS IN. THERE ARE NO CHEAT CODES, THERE ARE NO DO-OVERS, YOUR CHARACTER IS NOT, FREAKING, GOD. I don't even care if they're in a universe that YOU created, you don't do that unless you have, at some point in the story, God HIMSELF go down there and say 'I CLAIM YOU AS MY MESSENGER AND YOU WILL RECEIVE MY POWERS FOR THE NEXT FIVE CHAPTERS!'

Cerise sighed as she finished the rules. "There's probably a bunch of other rules, but that's basically the three most important rules in my opinion. You have to remember that your characters are, in fact, human. They live, they love, they feel, they laugh, and most importantly, they all die at some point. Authors, you know that you don't want your characters to die, but at some point in the story, they will have to go due to a fight or an illness or some off-screen death."

"What if they were, like, aliens?" Mimi asked, raising her hand. "Like me??"

"…you weren't an alien in the last one!" Tommy protested.

"Oh yeah, I totes forgot to mention about that, lawl!"

"And we're moving onto part two of the limits: make sure that your character stays in one FORM or has a good background story that's STABLE. If you keep changing it, not only will you get confused but so will the readers," Cerise added. "Unless you're unsure onto where you're putting the character, you avoid this. But Mimi does have a point. Aliens also fall under the rule of limits and mortality: All species have weaknesses, all life can't last forever, and every creature cannot do everything. We don't care if they learned all the languages of the planet they're staying on at the age of 10; it's not possible and if you can't do it or have your own children do it, then your characters can't."

The teal-haired woman turned to the other two. "Any other questions?"

"But what if I don't wanna be a X-men fan character?" Tommy asked.

Cerise nodded and turned to the camera, "That's a good question: If you have a character that you're not sure about putting into the exciting world of…whatever it is you're planning, hold off, get to know your character more, and be positive that you want them to stay there. Yes, you can use them in other worlds, but try keeping more characters in the same situation around. You may even decide to write your own story with the characters you're not sure on."

"Can we go over looks next because I'm freaking fabulous~!" Mimi jumped over to Cerise.

"I was actually going to hold that off in the next segment. But you jumping around just gave me the next topic to talk about in this limits section we're doing," Cerise said. "Ok, in some fanfics, we would ALL like to be the one that married Harry Potter instead of Ginny or be the main character of the series. What we'll get instead of an original fanfiction idea with your own character hanging around the canon-gang, is a character that basically replaces a main character entirely and follows the plotline from there. For example, if we had wrote a story where Mimi here replaced Misty from Pokemon for the first few seasons, people will hate it.

On the other hand, we also get the fan-characters that are somehow magically related to a character, who was more than likely established early on in the series that they were an ONLY child. Most people don't like those characters. I don't like them, unless the original owner of the series claimed that the father of the character your character is trying to be related to was running around behind their spouses backs and had unknowingly left X-amount of half-children in this situation. Sometimes it's the mom, but I'm sure that the father or the character would've noticed the unborn child growing from the mother for nine months."

Tommy raised his hand again, asking, "So, replacing a canon-character or claiming that a main-canon-character's your relative's bad?"

Cerise grinned and ruffled his hair. "This kid gets it! Unless you're doing your own story, NOT A FANFIC, and you plan on doing that as a plot twist, then it's cool. Ok, we're gonna wrap it up and talk about looks next time! See ya!"
Ok, I know this doesn't have many good examples like the last one, but there are certain characters that learn practically EVERYTHING and defies the laws that the universe has established and that...sometimes piss people off.

I also discovered a few more characters that I didn't like either. The ones where they basically replaced the main character's established love interest just so THEY can be with them forever and ever. I haven't really witnessed it, but I have heard about them. I may have also ran into a few of the characters that are somehow related to character that was established as an ONLY child.

That's like...making your favorite character have an unknown twin sister! If the author/creator says that they have no twin or living siblings, DON'T MAKE ONE MAGICALLY POP OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

Next I'll be discussing 'looks' of the character.
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Fairy-Jewel Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

Sapphire: *glaring at me* It's early, boss lady. I don't plan on dying off anytime soon. Plus, you need me to keep your other OCs in check, remember?

True, true. Come to think of it, do you think you can do OCxCanon pairings in one of these character development 101 essays and how to tell if you're doing it right?
*nods* That's probably a good point...I might have a different character do it instead while Cerise's working on the looks one...or vice versa.
Fairy-Jewel Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Let any of your friends know if you need to borrow any of our OCs if you want to use one or two. Chances are, *looks at my OCs* we'd be willing to lend a hand.
To a journal post!
Lex *glares daggeres at DS* Dun even go there mate. We've already established that a) I'm nae replacing any canon characters, b) am nae replacing anybody's love interest, and c) nae related ta anybody on th' team.

I said nothing =P
Fortune did point out about OCxCanon relationships and I was hoping of covering them in the next segment if I don't get Looks done.
Relax, it's nothing bad...I hope. ^^;
me too. I hope I'm doing the canon X OC thing correctly (ish).
I think you are for the most part. I think that as long as you take it slow and use common sense, you're fine. It's...the people that tend to ignore that common sense that concerns me. I've done it and I am attempting to repair that! doing this.
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